Aster College Prep, serving grade 5 in 2019-2020 and growing to grade 8 by 2022-2023, is looking for educators who share our fundamental beliefs that demographics do not determine destiny and that all children, regardless of previous learning experience, can achieve on the path to and through college.

characteristics of a founding aster


At Aster College Prep, being humble means understanding that your individual strengths and contributions are in service of the greater mission of our community. While all of our teammates come from exceptional backgrounds with various gifts, we all will have room to grow on behalf of our students. Humble individuals ask for feedback, enthusiastically engage in professional development opportunities, and look in the mirror first when things don’t go their way.


At Aster College Prep, being eager means showing hustle, drive, and determination even when you don't yet have the skills. Eager teammates have a clear vision of excellence for themselves and leverage every opportunity they have to achieve that vision. Outwardly, these teammates are confident and optimistic, even in the face of challenges, and contribute to the whole school community.


At Aster College Prep, being curious means you seek examples of excellence and study those examples to improve your own practice. Curious teammates observe other practitioners, attend optional development sessions and study/read on their own time to improve their own craft.


At Aster College Prep, we realize that founding a school is unapologetically hard. The work of building a beacon of excellence is exciting and rewarding, but can be grueling. Teammates who are enterprising have a founding spirit, are energized by our mission, and understand the tough work required to fulfill our ambitious goals.


At Aster College Prep, we believe excellence is born in structure and we create structured systems for teachers and students to thrive. A structured teammate is grateful for a provided curriculum and excited by the opportunity to deepen lessons and make them their own; is excited by whole-school consistency; and believes in created routines and structures in their own practice to be able to meet the demands of a high-performing organization.


At Aster College Prep, we believe relationships are the foundation for creating a culture of academic excellence. Relationship-based teammates seek to connect with students and families by being available, transparent, and reliable. Teammates seek to deepen their connection with the neighborhood in which we work and create connections with other faculty to support and root for others in their times of celebration and in times of need.