at aster college prep, we promise….

  • An environment with a complete focus on our mission of student achievement — from collaborative data analysis to frequent and supportive classroom observation, our staff is provided constant opportunities to better their practice and promote student achievement.

  • Constant opportunities for professional growth and development — in our school, throughout Tennessee, and throughout the country. We provide paid, weekly in-house professional development every Friday because we understand the value of our staff’s ability to reflect on their practice and sharpen their skills as educators.  We fund our staff to attend excellent school visits and high-quality national trainings to make an even deeper impact in our students’ growth and development.

  • A trajectory for potential instructional, operational or cultural school leadership opportunities. Leadership roles within our school are built into our staff development plan.

  • A school culture which is built upon strong staff-student relationships — an outstanding school culture supports instructional growth and character development. We are looking for educators who truly believe in the power of building strong relationships with our students.  Our enrichment programs, weekly community circles, and family communication systems are designed to ensure that our staff’s personal relationships with students play a significant role in their growth and development, leading them on a path to success in high school, college, and life.

  • A school which is in relentless search for opportunities to improve, refine and strengthen its practice — Aster College is a school of open doors dedicated to listening and learning. We keep a vigilant eye on the reality of our school and never allow ourselves to become complacent with our success.