The Difference…


For children growing up in poverty, far too often schools do not prepare them for success that culminates in high school graduation, a rigorous college experience, and a professional career – all of which will allow them to break out of the poverty levels into which they were born. When deciding where to propose our school within the City of Memphis, Aster College Prep considered the following factors: (a) community poverty rates; (b) the number of community ethnic minority populations; (c) the numbers of students meeting district and state academic standards performance in reading and math; (d) the lack of current accessible, high-quality options; and (e) the availability of college-preparatory high schools with whom we could partner for our graduates.

To ensure we achieve different results than those currently shown in our district and community, we will implement best practices found in Dr. Roland Fryer’s research from “Injecting Charter School Best Practices into Traditional Public Schools; Evidence from Field Experiments.”

For additional details on how we address the five tenets of high-achieving schools that serve high-poverty student populations, click here.